Day 4 (Groceries)

The mosquitoes were bad again, but we did a better job of covering up and I slept with Vince’s bug zapper wand, which sort of resembled an electrically-stringed miniature tennis racquet. Each time one woke me up I just waved it around my head and POP! Smoldering mosquito – really cool. It’s just a 9 volt battery, but the capacitor really steps it up.

We went shopping in town to stock up for the trip. Wesley picked us up at the pier and had brought freshly-cooked sausage rolls for us. The supermarket was more like a 7-11 and selection was minimal by American standards for sure, but after a couple of days on the boat it was great to see. We managed to get beer, veggies, noodles, cookies and ice cream (treats that we ate immediately since they were melting). We went by the best coffee shop in Tonga (according to Wesley) and had lunch, a latte and a shake for Connor. Wesley said that a lot of the businesses in the area had been destroyed in the 2006 riots, but this one survived intact (and clearly looked in better shape than most) because it was run by the local military. Very good lunch spot – we ended up coming back the next day.

After arriving back at Fidelis we took a siesta and got cleaned up. We then walked to dinner at the Billfish Restaurant, a short walk from the pier. Connor enjoyed the surf and turf and we ate under a Marine Corps flag. Back at Fidelis we enjoyed the movie of Connor’s choice and then hit the rack. During the night a popped my ear with the bug zapper, which hurt and didn’t smell good. But the worst of it was that the magical little device stopped working – for good.


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