Day 12 (Immigration, Dinner and Departure)

Departing at 23:59 from Nadi. Spent several hours working on Visa for Diego and a cruising permit for Fidelis. While still waiting on the bureaucratic fiasco to resolve, Connor and I had an ice cream at a corner milk bar and chatted with a friendly native Fijian couple. Said they have relatives in Seattle, where they make the Boeing jets. We then went around the corner to the bus stop and checked the schedules and checked out the market. Connor found a video store and got all four versions of “The Gods Must be Crazy.” Met the skipper and first mate for coffee at Chilli Tree and then we got fried chicken for lunch over by the theater. Got some rain while walking back to the boat to pack and clean up.

Walked back to town with our bags and picked up a bus to Nadi. Lots of sugar cane fields on the drive down Kings road. Got off south of the airport but the traditional Fijian restaurant we were looking for was no longer in business. We settled for a Thai-Indian place, which was very good. We sat outdoors and I got some crazy bug bites that I thought were from mosquitoes, but much worse itch and redness than those I had received on the boat in Fiji and Tonga, even two days later. Shared a cab back to the airport and said our goodbyes. Connor did some math homework in the airport and we readied ourselves for the long trip. The first hop was packed but a large number of Indonesians got off the plane at the Christmas islands, allowing us to get a good amount of sleep on the flight to Honolulu.


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