Day 10 (Surfing and Snorkeling)

Arrived in the early morning at anchorage off of Malolo reef. Had a bit of trouble when we pulled in, scraping the coral sand bottom and nudging a couple of coral heads. Vince did a nice job of getting it under control quickly. Just a little spot of scraped paint on the bottom of the hull.

Took Diego out for surfing on reef on Dob. Got some photos and talked with a Brazilian surfer. Diego wanted to stay and surf so we left him to return in a couple of hours. He got a lift from the Brazilians. Later he was really wanting to go back. He’d been waiting to surf for four months and these are some world class waves.

Connor tried out his repaired snorkel, which worked great. I tried out the compressor-driven diving system on Fidelis. I hadn’t dived since I lived in California, so it was a bit uncomfortable to start. Went down to the bottom at 45’ and got a piece of coral from the anchor dredge. Connor watched me go down using his mask. He was so impressed that I went to the bottom to get something for him he didn’t want to toss it back. Diego took some time to clean the hull.

Later we cleaned up and took showers. Vince played guitar and sang while we watched the sunset. He made a great dinner of fish and chips with tempura ono (barracuda) and fried potatoes, with a salad and a couple of tempura cheese dogs thrown in. Connor gobbled up a dog and the fish. We agreed that soy sauce was better than his usual ketchup or the traditional vinegar. Had a beer to celebrate my second birthday.


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